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True Royal Hoodie

$52.00 USD

- "This was the first concept we have for this whole collection. Around 3 years ago, I went to Alaska and I was super inspired by the colors of the leaves and plants there. That inspiration led to the creation of ~40 colorful mandala designs. We did absolutely nothing with them after they were created. I just stocked them up and put them away. It felt right to bring them back (even though we only used two of them for this collection. This design was inspired by Coca-Cola (the wavy aspect of it), Big Pharma (the warning label & the whole shape of this design) & the beautiful beauty of Alaska. The flowers & rest in peace are there to keep the foundation of this brand apparent (for those who don't know, this brand was created to live on the legacy of my deceased brother, whose stage name was Always True).FYI: the label says 'WARNING: IN THIS LIFE YOU WILL SEE SOME CRAZY SHIT. RELAX. JUST KEEP DOING YOU" - Drew Howard, CEO of Always True Co

- Each piece is hand-printed by our friend, Joe at the Tee Shop. So each piece will have some variation throughout them. The picture of the product that you see is the best representation of what the product looks like. You may receive ones that have some variations in terms of placement, color and bleaching

- This Product is extra Linty, be mindful of that when you hand-wash this piece, the garment itself will produce a lot of lint/lint balls. Ways to get rid of the lint. 1) Hand Wash it multiple times before you wear it 2) Use a lint roller to get the lint off 3) If you really want to wash it in the washing machine, wash it on cold, inside out and by itself to get it all out (we don't recommend putting the garments in machines to wash and dry)