Sir No Sir


This bad boy right here is a Digital Camo Jacket with madness everywhere and Always True painted pink on back underneath the madness. Kev copped this jacket in February 2017 at a random thrift store in Austin, Texas when he was out there visiting a friend. He actually bought a suitcase at the thrift store and filled it with a bunch of cool pieces including this jacket. Anyways, it wasn't touched much til one day in the beginning of 2018.. He wrote on the back of it with some pink fabric paint.. then a couple days later he took his frustration out on this jacket (instead of a person) and went in on it. After it dried a few days later, he soaked it in water, softener, and soap for like a week thinking the jacket would get softer, but it didn't... Shoutout to the ARMY, this thing is indestructible... actually though, it's a super stiff jacket, so don't expect it to be soft, made for the army so understandable for sure

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