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Navy Long Sleeve


- "This graphic was inspired by the keyboard. I was looking for a recognizable symbol that could represent Always True. The "@" sign just seemed to embody it. It stands for "AT" literally. The colors in the graphics were inspired by the special Netflix series called Maniac. The colors that cover the Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech building. Look it up to get a frame of reference. The font style gives you a taste of the 60's-70's. The Rest in Peace is our slogan & it means to "rest in peace" with everything you do. Within the chaos & mayhem... rest in peace. Most designs that we have created have been from signs we have seen, experiences we have had or things we have felt/ heard. We basically observe our environment, internalize it and make something that resonates with us."- Drew Howard, CEO of Always True Co

- Each piece is hand-printed by our friend, Joe at the Tee Shop. So each piece may have some variation throughout it. The picture of the product that you see is the best representation of what the product looks like. You may receive ones that have some variations in terms of placement, color and bleaching