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Navy Blue Scoop Tee


- "Our friend who goes by the name Slay Finds showed us a logo from a vintage IZOD windbreaker and it had a similar color scheme and set up to the design on the front of this garment. I love putting the Always True Emblem inside A's for some reason so that just worked its way into this design. As for the back, I got inspired by the bottoms of the brown paper bags we use to wrap our merch when we go to Pop-Ups, etc. As for the quote that is on the back of this... If you know you know. If you don't hopefully you'll see the movie soon!"- Drew Howard, CEO of Always True Co

- Each piece is hand-printed by our friend Joe at The Tee Shop. So, there's a slight chance for some variation in the product you will receive. The pictures of this product that you see are the best representation of what the product you will receive will look like