Levi's Jean Jacket


"If you look at the side of lots of buildings anywhere, you will see this primary colored diamond. It's got blue, yellow, red and white within the diamond. Supposedly they are there to help firefighers, emergency responders & other personel understand what hazards are immiment in that certain building. I didn't know any of that. I just looked it up as i'm typing this lol. For more info on that look up the NFPA 704 diamond system. Anyways, I loved the colors, so I took the diamond and distorted it for the back. I dragged it down only because our screenprinter told us we need to make a specific design for the backs of Jean Jackets because the print who not come out smooth/ right if it didn't fall within the seams of the back. So I made a custom logo that had the same vibe of Chill Pill.The front is the same diamond, just made it look like a baseball outfield. If you catch my drift ;) "- Drew Howard, CEO of Always True Co.

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