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Enclave x Always True Tattoo Event


Flash N Dash Tattoo Event

June 11th & June 12th - 12PM-6PM

Circa June 2020, we sat down will our friends at Enclave Tattoo just to chop it up and bring our artistic styles together. After a couple creative sessions, we made some Enclave Tattoo x Always True Flash Sheets, some really cool graphic designs and conceived of this Tattoo Event. So what is it exactly? It's an opportunity for you to get tatted with some Enclave x Always True Artwork. There are only 28 time slots available meaning there will only be 28 people who will be able to get tatted. How does it work?

1.) Decide if you want to get a tattoo or not

2.) Select a Day & Time you'd like to get tattooed

3.) Once you have decided the Day & Time proceed all the way through checkout.

4.) Once you are checked out, be sure to collect your receipt via email or text.

5.) Search through the Flash Sheets we have uploaded to this product & select which Tattoo you'd like to get. You do not need to decide until the day of your scheduled appointment.

6.) Please show up to your scheduled appointment 30 minutes before so that Enclave will be able to prepare for your tattoo & we can confirm your appointment via email/ text receipt.

T.I.P.S. would be greatly appreciated :)

***These tattoos may run a little before or ahead of time depending on design & other factors, so please be patient with us***


Enclave Tattoo Address:

412 NW 16th Ave Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32609