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Charcoal Heather Tee


- "I have a painting in my parents home that says "John Lennon" on it. Its very clean and has a similar structure to the back of this garment. The trippy painting with multiple colors on the back of the tee is a picture of a collage of spray paint that Kevin (CFO of Always True Co.) used on the back of one of his hockey jerseys. So one of the one-of-a-kind Hockey jerseys that someone is walking around with today is the inspiration for this design! (or part of it). The script was hand written by me. This was a quick script. It took me 3 tries to make it. I just wrote it out and then said "Its perfect!". The swerved lines (multi-colored) at the bottom of the script in the front of this garment are actually just copies of the line that crosses the 't' in Always True. I just flipped them and zwalaaaa"- Drew Howard, Always True Co.

- Each piece is hand-printed by our friend Joe at The Tee Shop. So, there's a slight chance for some variation in the product you will receive. The pictures of this product that you see are the best representation of what the product you will receive will look like