White Color-Way Tee
We will now be constantly putting out shirts that show off our company. Over the past year we have been messing around with a shitload of designs that were dope, but didn’t showcase our name. We made sësh, atlco. & the infamous A start logo, which were all dope except for the fact that it didn’t say anything about Always True. This design is our stable. Why? Because our brother, Always True, personally wrote out the damn thing in his lyric book. This is the one we are running with. We finally found it.
Pro Tip: You have to constantly change yourself in order to figure yourself out. As long as that change is for the better, you are Gucci. Don’t ever stop improving yourself.
Shirt logo written by Always True in Weston, FL: 2011 (check out image below)
Shirt designed in Gainesville, FL: 04.16.17
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