The Basement Project

We like to do shit ourselves. I guess it started ever since we started this whole thing you would call a clothing brand. Recently, we have just come to terms with the fact that we aren't any other brand than ourselves. Just like you guys. Each and ever person that is reading this right now is different in their own dope and special way. This Basement Project is a new concept that we know will make waves, one way or another. Most clothing brands go to different cities, do some extravagant shit (which all of it is super lit), rent out a nice space and deck it out. We looked into that and decided to do something just a little bit different. 

From July 13th-July 25th we will be driving up to NYC in the Always True Mobile, renting out a basement, renovating it up and making it our own. This space will be nostalgic of our basement where we started this whole thing in. Gonna be a hole in the ground vibe (literally the basement is in the ground in the Lower East Side). 

Address: 355a Bowery New York 10003

Come through to just chill with us and shop some dope clothes/ art. 

Text "always true" to 31996 for updated hours and other shizzz.