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The Always True® Show #21: Push Value

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The Always True® Show #9: First 10 Steps We Took to Start Our Business


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The Always True® Show #7: Alex Quintero

What do you believe in? What are your goals? What are you values? Building a start up from nothing is explosive. You kinda have to muster energy and funds from thin air. But one thing can remain constant... your North Star. What is your purpose? What is your company’s purpose? It’s fine if you don’t know right now, it will come as you spend time honing your craft and your business. Keep going and keep your values close, because when shit hits the fan you will be able to turn to them to get your through it all.


The Always True® Show #6: Jah Seck

Can your ego get in the way? Is it supposed to get in the way? Is there such thing as an ego? Badass muralist, graffiti, artist & entrepreneur Jah Seck takes us through mushroom trips, growing marijuana and being a good soul. Full episode on our Facebook Live. Hosted by @drewkhoward . Guest @visionaryfam . Produced by @elio_piedra


The Always True® Show #5: Natalia Piferrer

Your hobby can be turned into a business. What do you like to do/ what do you want to do? Understand that you should live your life at your own pace. If you want your hobby to be your hobby/ side hustle than you should do that. If you want your hobby to be your life you can do that do. Find out how you function and how you want to live your life. Take the necessary steps and work at it piece by piece. Brick by Brick. Before you know it, you’ll be living out the life you’ve been dreamin’ & schemin’ about. Full episode on our Facebook Live. Hosted by @drewkhoward . Guest @ipiferrer . Produced by @elio_piedra


The Always True® Show #4: Cody Roberts

Everyone’s got their own way of working. Some people get it in the morning and some people get it in the evening. @codyroberts gets most of his editing and creative work done at night. Contrary to what most of the world does, he’s paving his own way. It’s what he does. It’s true to him. Take away from this episode... there is an unlimited amount of abundance, go get what you want & we are here to help. 


The Always True® Show #3: Sky Luca$

If you like music and want to take it to the next level how do you do it? The answer is just keep producing and keep it going. If the passion is there it will take you to new heights if you are consistent. We’ve know the infamous @lookitskylucas for the past 4 years and we have been there to see him grow into the artist he is today. It’s amazing to see the growth and progression. It’s a journey but a simple process. Do what you love & keep building upon your talent/ skills. One day you’ll look back and be amazed.


The Always True® Show #2: Joe Reices

It’s a constant battle between two polar opposite sites, the way we see it. On one end you have the marketing, branding, creative and artistic side and on the other end you have the financials, numbers and business side. Often times when you start a business and it’s only you, you have to wear all the hats. You have to wear the hats of every aspect. It’s a constant clash between wanted to let the creative process take its toll, while also generating numbers and sales on the business terms. Cash flow in and out is the main thing, however you need to create a reason for while people should even care and spend money with you. It’s up to you to find that balance for your business. We sat down with Joe Reices, co-owner of The Tee Shop, which is a Gainesville garment print shop to discuss these points. Stay on your toes!


The Always True® Show #1: Drew Howard & Kevin Masaro

It's hard starting up a company. Especially when you realize that nobody cares... That's not to say in a negative way. Yes we have friends and family who support us, but for the majority of the population of this planet, no body knows us and what we have to offer. So in a sense, it humbles us and keeps us moving. Ultimately the message keeps us moving. Around 9 years ago our brother passed away. He was a rapper, musician, singer and song-writer who went by the Stage name Always True. This company was built to live on the legacy of him and push people to stay true to who they are. We started this company in the summer of 2015 and haven't stop since. We started in a basement and we are in that very same basement, figuring it out. Little by little, step by step. If you have a passion, follow it... Why not?