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This method is slightly different than what we are used you. We are used to fully creating the product. We are used to sourcing the garments, locally screenprinting them in Gainesville, FL, packing them up in our house/ garage & then shipping them out ourselves. We still do... However, not with this program. Starting 2021 we’ve decided to roll out an Always True On Demand Program. What this means is that with this process we will be the most hands off we will ever be. This has messed with our Ego & Perception of how an authentic lifestyle brand should be run in our eyes... All grassroots, person by person, home grown, hand-made, etc etc. However, we have come to realize a very important thing. Time. Time is something you can’t get back. The time we spend everyday is so precious. How does that tie into this? This program will help us scale our business, while also providing people with a premium product that they can purchase & rep at whatever time they want. Its basically providing people with products at their convenience without “us” getting in the way. Once somebody purchases that product we will have a third party go through fullfill & ship it out for us, which is something that gives us the ability to be more flexible. Its more automated/ efficient. Now, this in no way will replace the products we hand-make in Gainesville FL & in no way will deter ourselves from creating authentic geniune products. This program is rather a supplement to our business & will further the brand in new ways. We want to give everybody the ability to be a part of our mission because everyone deserves it. With the products being printed on demand we will be able to reduce our carbon footprint & only create & ship out a product when its needed. Its a leaner way to sell products in ouropinion. Enjoy this product because it was cultivated the same way we always do. If you are interested in other collections, programs, products we have been working on check them out at We have everything from one of a kind upcycled/ thrifted products to brand garments to hand-made cut n sewn clothing, accessories & art work. We don’t really know what we are doing, we are just finding ways to increase business value and get our time back. We encourage you to do the same. Spend time on things you love & with the people you love because you can’t get it back. Thank you for believing in us, it means the world. Get out their, start creating & start doing. You got the whole world at your finger tips! Rest in Peace. Stay True.
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