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On Demand

Due to the fact that we have too many designs to handle & we want to make the most product but in the most efficient way we have decided to create another revenue stream. We present to you Always True® On Demand. This program is a fully automated system that will be able to print & fulfill your orders. What does this mean? For this program, Always True® & The Team will be the most hands off they will ever be. This can be helpful for multiple reasons:

1.) We will be able to push out design after design with no real inventory

2.) Orders are on demand, which means we won't order a specific amount & have to throw down $$ for it. Once you order from these products, they will be received, fulfilled & Shipped from a third party. This increase efficiency & produces less waste.

3.) The whole process of product photos & inventory is made seamless, which saves time & $$.

This is will in no way deter us from creating authentic, meaningful collections rather this program will be a supplement to our business so that we can scale and grow. Thank you for believing in us and enjoy these never before produced and designed products.

 **NOTE** You may potentially receive a product that is of similar specifications but different brand, make or shape & potential slight change in color. Please be aware of this as you are purchasing. Sometimes our suppliers will run of our inventory & need to pivot to another product in order to fulfill your order.

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