Black Hoodie


Read the Full Description: "Easily my favorite design of this whole collection. I created the font of this design (Always True) off of yet another paintinng in my parents house. I believe it was a MusŽe GrŽvin painting. I have no idea who that is and what he/ she does. I just loved the font and the color paulette it gave me. I created the back first. Then I duplicated the multicolored swerves, which were created from scratch. Then flipped those swerves and put them into a circle to create the front logo. It just pops at ya, idk what it is. Very groovy/Grateful Dead vibes for sure"- Drew Howard, Always True Co.

Each piece is hand-printed by our friend, Joe at the Tee Shop. So each piece will have some variation throughout them. The picture of the product that you see is the best representation of what the product looks like. You may recieve ones that have some variations in terms of placement, color and bleaching.

****This Product is extra Linty, be mindful of that when you hand-wash this piece, the garment itself will produce a lot of lint/lint balls. Ways to get rid of the lint. 1: Hand Wash it multiple times before you wear it 2:) Use a lint roller to get the lint off 3:) If you really want to wash it in the washing machine, wash it on cold, inside out and by itself to get it all out (don't recommend putting the garments in machines to wash and dry, but if you had to thats what we recommend.****

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