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Ableton Tee


- This tee was inspired by a bunch of shit. Let's start with the back. There was some partial inspiration now that I'm looking at it again from Starry Night. The spiral in the background of both of the front and the back was just a nice compliment that get it some depth. I was messing with spiral for a few logos I was creating. The Mountains in the back design were inspired by the Graphs in Lightroom CC, as @vvlandis was editing some graduation photos back in May 2019. The font was a random font I found and manipulated. The colors were inspired by Ableton. I went into a beat session with our homie Sky Lucas, who is an amazing artist and producer, and during that session he was creating layers in Ableton. This was back in April/ May 2019. Those layers were identified with specific colors and those colors are the colors on this shirt. Each piece/ logo we create is a reflection of what we experience in our lives. We do it that way so we can create designs that are the most authentic to us and our mission. Enjoy

- We also created this tee as almost a collaboration with RosenHaus Sports. They hit us up a month ago to ask us if we wanted to provide some merch for their Professional Athletes they represent for the Holidays. They represent over 100 plus NFL/ MLB athletes. We didn't have any 3XL & 4XL tees so we made these tees for the big boys and has some left over for you guys! The inside tag has Always True x RosenHaus Sports in it

- Each piece is hand-printed by our friend Joe at The Tee Shop. So, there's a slight chance for some variation in the product you will receive. The pictures of this product that you see are the best representation of what the product you will receive will look like