The ability for one to articulate and spread their own ideologies, principles, and concepts onto others is an afterthought to many Americans. We portray our ideals through our speech, through our dress, and even through our religious and personal beliefs. We inadvertently disregard this freedom just due to the fact that we have no knowledge of alterior realities. As we celebrate the 4th this year, I’d be derelict to not speak about the freedoms we are afforded by living in this great country.


Regardless of political affiliation, religious principles, or personal beliefs, we are still living in the greatest time period of human history in a country that exhibits compassion for its citizens. Founded on principles that are tried and true to this day, we have had the opportunity to grow alongside a changing democracy and write history as each day passes. The 4th of July is a celebration of American independence that often is blinded by the beer showers and grilling that occurs nationwide. The beautiful irony of the last aspect is that regardless of celebration or non-celebration, we are all bounded together under one nation.


The freedom and ability to express yourself is a unique aspect of living in this country especially when it comes to the arts and the creatives. Barring governmental regulations, individuals have free range over anything that can be created. The incredible opportunity to change the fabric of American culture through innovating new processes or creating ever shifting companies is one of the primary reasons I hold such pride in my country. Being at the forefront of changing the world is an empowering feeling. I am forever grateful for the opportunities this country allows me and indebted to those who shaped the way that we currently live.


Wishing you all an incredible 4th and hoping you can one day change the fabric of American culture.

Brant Wickersham

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