Slogan for the Collection: Take a chance, be a wolf.


A little over a year ago, a very special soul left this Earth… This soul impacted many people while it was here, and continues to impact people to this day. A good friend, Chance Wolf passed at the young age of only 20 years old. Man… can you imagine leaving the Earth at such a young age…? The older I grow and the more I learn, I’m starting to realize how amazing it is that we are living here in human form on this Earth. Just being here right, right now, exactly where you are is an absolute blessing. We could’ve been born as a fly or a lizard (not saying that being born as those would not be cool) but we were put into the human body for a reason. A body that allows us to function, speak our thoughts, read, write, learn, run, walk, climb, and pretty much do anything we commit ourselves to. The human body is a blessing, an absolute gift. It comes with a heart, lungs, a bunch of other cool organs, and of course… A BRAIN!


So, why were we blessed with taking physical form in a human body? This is a question I’ve asked myself for a while now…


I can’t say that I’ve pinpointed the exact reason why, but I do know this – it’s to impact the world, to help others, and to carry on your own personal legend. Each and every person is special, very special, in their own way. But, we are all connected. We are all one. I believe that for as separate we are, we are all connected on a deeper level to push one another to realize what it is that we are placed on this Earth for…


Chance was a cool guy. A really cool guy. Someone you wanted to be around because you knew that you would be entertained. Him and I played hockey together. One thing I noticed about Chance was that he always took chances. He was always the one to go full speed into the corner with no idea how he would get out alive. But that getting out alive wasn’t his focus. He wasn’t focused on the future. He was focused on that exact moment. He was going to go as hard as he could and whatever happened, happened.


So, why did we bring the Wolf Gang Collection back? It just felt right. Why wouldn’t we want to carry on the name of someone who left such a unique impact here on this Earth. He pushed himself to his limits (and sometimes beyond). That’s inspiring. He took chances. He lived a life that was full of present moment actions, never worrying about the consequences. We want every single person to feel his vibes as they put on a shirt from this collection, taking chances every day. For every tshirt sold, $1 will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network – an organization that Chance held close to his heart and participated in each year when they hosted Dance Marathon at the University of Florida.


I’m going to finish this off with a little theme phrase I thought of for this Wolfgang Collection that I think fits it well:


Take a Chance, be a Wolf.


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