Fear will lift you up so high and throw you down faster than the speed in which your heart can handle. Take it from me. I’ve allowed fear to become the dictator of my own life. If he says jump I would ask how far; how high; jump up or jump forward; jump off one leg or both? He may tell you to jump but he won’t be there to catch you. Your self-destruction is for his entertainment. Your inspirations, your wants and desires means nothing to him. Fear enters your mind and creates a storm and watches it unfold into the catastrophic disaster that potentially could be you… Bits of me were lost within that storm. My sense of adventure—destroyed. My craving to be spectacular—demolished. My desire to love—devastated. All because fear ingrained in my mind that those things were dangerous to my physical, mental, and emotional state.

I refuse to allow the satire that he has created my life to be to continue...

Dear Fear,

You gave my a bronze plate to protect my heart but—jokes on you. The armor hurts more than the fear of being hurt. So, I’ll cast this shield aside and move on. My heart may break. I may feel immense pain, but it will never compare to this agony of never loving. It’s time to listen to my desires and follow my spirit.

You are so trivial, so insignificant, so empty without me.



Your former victim.

P.S. I found genuine beauty within the destruction you cause my life to be. So—thank you for the only thing you were good for.


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