If you're looking for happiness, where would you look? 

Would you look for it in someone else?


Would you give & expect something in return? 

Would you run away from what terrifies you? But then, where would you go? 

I would search for the answers to these questions to find my happiness but then at the end of my life I would realize—I never found it. 

Here's the harsh reality... if you are searching for happiness, YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT.  

One of the hardest ideas for people to understand is that everything they will ever need is already within them. You don't need anything. 

We create these excuses for ourselves that are completely based out of fear & disregard the love we have in our hearts.


Why would you allow someone else to measure your self-worth? It then becomes theirs—not yours. That self-worth will become whatever another projects onto you and you'll believe that makes you feel worthy until you realize how empty you feel. 

FEEL WORTHY ON YOUR OWN. Reclaim self-worth. 


Trying to find self-satisfaction within another being is ridiculous. How could you ever expect anyone to understand what makes you happy—what brings you life. Live for yourself & don't allow these self-imagined concepts block you—from you. You'll never find happiness. You have to understand that happiness is already held captive within you. You just have to let that light shine through you and onto the screen that plays this moment we call life. Understand happiness. Stop trying to find it, because you never will.


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