This is why I do what I do…

“I'm blessed more and more each day that you decide to be in my life. You push me more than anyone and encourage me so much. Not to mention the inspiration you've given me and the immense impact you've had in my life. I'm a different person than the day you met me. I was lost. I was confused. I was in a daze. I was broken. Now, I'm finding my way. I'm understanding myself. I'm enjoying the present moments. I'm less broken than I used to be. The pieces are still coming together, but you've helped me figure out how they all fit. I didn't know you would become this person in my life. I didn't know this is the person I would be transforming into. I didn't know this was the life that was set out for me. I just needed to gain the courage to take the path that would eventually lead me to—me. I've changed immensely and I will constantly change and grow, but only stronger, wiser, and happier. You will too. You already are. Seeing you transform yourself genuinely brings me such happiness, because I saw how broken we both were. But that's not the case anymore. We're better than we used to be. You motivate me to remember that. You made me realize I can be different than the person I used to be. Someone I myself would be proud of. Someone who believes they are capable of anything. Someone who can inspire others and move others. I didn't believe in that before you. You are my number one fan, behind myself (of course). I fell into writing autopilot because I only meant to say thank you, but a sincere thank you from me is never simple. I'll end it by saying this... you are amazing. You make me very happy. You are and will always be my best friend. You are doing something so grand with your life and you will impact so many more people on this earth. Always remember that. Always know you've already made a huge impact on me and many others... and it doesn't stop there. Anyways... Thank you Kevin”


Kevin Masaro

Co-founder/ CFO of Always True Co.
Instagram: @kevinmasaro


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