It’s so amazing how much a person can love another being. At this moment, I’m so blessed to be seeing such a moment of love—true love. Whether it’s toward a significant other, family member, or just a friend—it's beautiful. But, what is thing we call "love?" What moves a person to care so deeply about someone else? We have all of these explanations but the reality of it all—it’s different from person to person.

The love I share for my Abuelo is a different than the feeling I have for anyone else. I still remember my Abuelo’s touch. I still remember the smell of his cologne—the way he would whistle and yell, “Nata” or “Nati!” I still feel the love he had for me. I still love him so much. I can’t tell you why he cared for me as much as he did; only he will ever truly know why.

But, what moves me to care about him so much? To me, my Abuelo was my everything. He made me smile. He made me laugh. He understood me when no one else seemed to. But the biggest reason I love him as much as I do is because--he--well--I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just do.

I couldn't even begin to explain the why's in which I love people the way I do. People try so hard to explain this ambiguous thing we call “love.” But, it’s not something that can ever be explained. We feel love. We do not—we cannot—explain it. I feel like that’s why my Abuelo cared for me as much as he did: he just simply loved me and didn't care about the why's in which he did; He just did.

The moment you stop trying to explain the feeling of love, you’ll love so much more. When you stop focusing on the reasons why you love, only then will you truly love whole-heartedly. Realize this, sooner rather than later. Just love. Don't ask why or how. Just do and realize that this feeling inside of you is something that can only be genuinely experienced once you have let go of the notion that love can be understood. It can't and thats what makes it so beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing this world—this life—has to give.

Cherish it.


Natalia Piferrer

Public Relations Director at Always True Co.
Instagram: @npiferrer
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