Our eyes may fall across it and be fooled that what we are truly seeing is beauty, but that is not so. I may a girl with hazelnut-brown hair, forest-green eyes, sun-kissed skin, but does that make me beautiful? No. Beauty runs deeper than the surface of what our eyes allow us to perceive.

True beauty can only be understood by the heart of being. It’s something that must be felt inside of someone and acknowledged by others. For what you hold in your heart and soul is what defines beauty. Nothing else. Everything else is irrelevant.

Inner beauty is the only beauty that exists.

Don’t be fooled.

So I’ll say this… do good.

Be kind and feel from the grace that is in your heart. Don’t be afraid to love too much. Love is the source of beauty, so let it happen—often.

Once our hearts open we welcome beauty into our souls. And trust me… once you do that—people, places, and just life will become more beautiful than you could have ever imagined it.

So, do good.

Love—love—and love some more. Be kind and welcome all walks of life. Live in this world and not in any other. This life is so beautiful—you just have to open your heart and allow the beauty to take you over.

Then you will be—beautiful.


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