I’m sitting here trying to find the words to describe how much you mean to me but nothing will ever do. The love I have for you goes beyond anything I could ever say, anything I could ever write, anything I can ever try to understand. So, I’ll just say this… I love you.

I could talk about the countless times you’ve wiped my tears away, or the many laughs we’ve shared, or the moments when we realize this life we live is so beautiful.

This life…the life I’m so blessed to have because of you.

I have traveled across the world and I have seen some of this worlds most gorgeous sites but the most spectacular site I’ll ever witness is the site of you.

You loved me before I ever existed.

You held a photo of a girl and prayed that she would come out just like her.

You received a girl but not like the one in the photograph.

What you were presented with was a girl like the one holding the picture.

Someone like… you.

As my heart beats, I think—its because of you and it beats extra for you today.

It’s true that everything I am, everything I am becoming, and everything I will be was made a reality because you loved. The chance to have my breath taken away by life’s finest moment; to have my eyes widen by the world’s wonders; to have my mind travel beyond the creativity of my own thoughts; to have my heart skip a beat because I have found someone who loves me like you, is a chance at life.

You’ve given me this chance.

You’ve given me everything.

You are the reason I am; You are all my reasons.

So, in my attempts to express the way I truly feel about you—I’ll leave you with this… I love you.

Natalia Piferrer

Public Relations Director at Always True Co.
Instagram: @npiferrer
Facebook: Piece of Pif


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