Video Shot by Drew Howard and Kevin Masaro

Video Directed by Drew Howard and Kevin Masaro

Video Edited by Kevin Masaro



Are you anxious?! Having trouble determining what this life is about? Being stressed because you “should”  be over there and you aren’t. Well, don’t you worry because 100 in every 100 human being feels the same way. Shit happens. You go through a lot of stuff. Your emotions run loose. You feel as though you are better off gone from existence. If you have had any of the following symptoms, you may be eligible to take a Chill Pill. Over reaction to petty things, stressing over how you look today, being anxious about your taxes, not knowing what’s gonna happen tomorrow, not really knowing how to pay your rent... all of that jazz may be a sign or indication that you are suffering from a sophisticated sickness we call “life”. Yes In fact everything you are experiencing right now is causing you to be “sick”. These stimulations that run us. Urges. Up and Downs. All of these rollercoaster events make it seem as though we have problems. That we need these outside “things” to correct it all. When in reality, the true solution is held within........this Chill Pill. All you have to do is take it once a day and all your troubles will disappear into nothing... which is what you are... you should pick up everything you have and jump out of this window... of freedom. Feel the breeze as you spread your wings. Soar through the sky and fall to ground because that’s where you should be- lieve in yourself god dammit!!!!  Please be sure talk to yourself before you decide to take a Chill Pill. Because that might be the only way to stop it all. The answer lies within the nothing. Be there or not. Chill Pill is Always True Approved to reduce your risk of freaking the fuck out. Chill Pill is actually for only one person, yourself. Please tell yourself if you have been freaking out lately or have been overly anxious due to the nature of life. If you have a life, don’t kid yourself. You are going to be in for the long haul. Ask yourself about Your life and whether or not the Chill Pill is right for you 💊





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