It’s hard to put how much my life has changed over the past month into words. You can’t really describe something so monumental and feelings so powerful that easily.

So instead, I’m going to explain why the Always True x Twelve’len concert was the literal embodiment of my first month living in the Always True basement.


When I first came to Gainesville, I was so scared. Maybe it was the unknown for what was to come next, or maybe it was leaving all I’ve known in the past behind to start something new. I would stay up all night letting fears run across my mind for no reason, until I had to fall asleep because I had class in less than 4 hours.


Subsequently, when our Twelve’len event had just started up at 7 p.m (the designated starting time), I saw very few people. It was my first Always True event, so obviously I was blind to what was bound to transpire, but I was scared. I didn’t think people were going to come.


But after a little while, I stopped letting my fears control me. I stopped caring about what was holding me back, and looked at what was ahead. I let loose. I went out more, met so many genuine people, and I’ve fallen in love with where I’m at. I love where I am, the people that surround me, and what I do.


Just like my month here in Gainesville, I stopped stressing if people were gonna show up. And just like that, groups of my friends piled in from not just all over the city, but all over the state. Some of my friends drove 2 hours just to come and experience what Always True was all about. I was completely uplifted and inspired by how great of friends I have.


It’s been probably the most memorable month of my life. I moved & had to completely change how I lived my life and adapt to the environment around me. And I’m so fucking elated to sit here and write to you today that I feel comfortable and happy.


By the end of the event, it had felt like a fairy tale. Twelve’len put on a SICK performance, as did everyone else who opened for him. Everyone had an amazing time: taking photos in front of the backdrop, jamming out to good music, and just soaking up good vibes. I could not have asked for a better first event to start off my time living in the Always True house.

Don’t push away your fears, embrace them.


Justin Liebman

Content Director at Always True Co.
Instagram: @justin.liebman
Twitter: @justin_liebman



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