There is a problem in the world. I've witnessed a systematic undermining of individuality and self-love in the world--in more ways than one.

"People" will tell you the key to being happy, the solution to your problems, and the secret to happiness; all of which is false-hope bullshit to vindicate themselves as knowing the truth. "People" will tell you how to think, how to live, what to eat/read/watch/enjoy.

I feel sick. I feel cheated. I feel empty.

Not that I place my faith in this false world that so many regrettably have trusted. It just sucks to see so many people hold themselves to such a weird and abnormal standard of self-perfection and happiness and will follow a fake Kendrick Lamar Twitter to get the edgy guidance they seek.

Fuck all of that.

You know who you are. You know what you want, what you care about, and what you love. The real truth to all of life's twists and turns lies deep inside of YOU!

Happiness is buried beneath the external stress you face routinely. That's the real key. There are no other options than to have faith in yourself. Be who you wanna be, love what you wanna love, and do WHATEVER the fuck you want to do.

Justin Liebman

Content Director at Always True Co.
Instagram: @justin.liebman
Twitter: @justin_liebman


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