May 5th, 2017

I am making my way out to Israel. I'm trying to be in the moment. Because life right now is going by so fast, however I have the opportunity to be me and to help people. To talk to people to do whatever it is I want to do. I think thats why traveling is so dope. You get to meet and basically attract anyone into your life at the moment. Traveling is the perfect time to go with the flow. That's how you win with life. Fuck the resistance. The more you resist this life the more you end up tiring yourself out. Life is exhausting as fuck as it is. Once you add the stress, the complaining the blah-blah-blah-bullshit you tend to sike yourself out.

I planned this whole trip to Israel and Europe but siked myself out. For absolutely no reason, I was comparing well, “hey, they are in Berlin stay at “X” resort and doing “X” things. My uncle says that I'm not gonna have enough time in these places.” You are crazy. All this Mumbo jumbo got my mind going... breathe Drew just take one fucking breath, bro. It fucking fine. You planned a trip to the best of your capability and whatever happens—happens. You can't get too tied to the expectation because then you will lose sight of what’s in front of your mother-fucking face. Life is there in front of your eye balls, within inches of them you can see what it is. People moving around, people talking, people walking, nature blossoming & life happening. There is so much going on not only outside of YOU but inside your body too. Take a step back and literally "fuck your own face"--who got that reference? It's from Tropic Thunder... Good Movie. Anyway, back to writing or typing, if you will. All in all (jeez I feel like I'm writing an FCAT essay- btw got a 5 on that bitch- cha Ching bitch). All in all, I am going to dedicate this trip to going with the flow and being super immersed in what is going on right before me eyes bc once I blink I'll be back in Gville doing what I love. (Which doesn't sound shitty at all)

END It DREW C'MON--Alright alright...just be here in the moment. All the time. The more you are "here" the more you will appreciate & be grateful for what you have.


Drew Howard

Co-founder/CEO of Always True Co.
Instagram: @drewkhoward


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