Southwest Parking Garage Mural

4th Floor // Gainesville, FL


We were approached by the wonderful people of 352 walls, to do a mural in the city that started the foundation for our brand, Gainesville, FL. We have so much love for this place. The idea for this mural was that there was no idea. We were approached to do it and just took it as a blank canvas, "Anything Goes". We designed an Always True Logo recently and felt as though it fit perfectly in this space. We started by going wild with the paint, essentially just throwing which ever paint we had in our hands on the wall. We did that along with spray paint & paint makers. This created the background for the logo. Then we set up a projector and displayed the logo on the wall to trace. Most paint used was up-cycled and re-used/ not brand new. 

 Photography by Natalia Piferrer