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Ayo, my name is Brandon K. Howard. I got struck by a taxi on August 12th 2012 which has put me 6 feet under. However, I am more alive now than ever.... My life, my story, and my passion live on through the hard work and dedication my younger brothers are putting in to building a clothing company named after me, Always True

Why not Brandon K. Howard Co? Well, Always True was my stage name. This name has now become an icon of being “true” to yourself. I lived my life doing what I loved without the need for constant approval from others. My brothers have taken this carefree mindset and have set out on a mission to inspire and motivate others to achieve their true potential. The idea is that when you wear my name you’re now wearing my ideals. Anything that I have ever stood for is portrayed through this brand. I am forever grateful to be able to live through my legacy. Now, I gotta say one thing... Go chase your shit. 
Brandon K. Howard, other wise known as Always True® Born 1992 // EST. 2015

Welcome everyone to life:)

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